The Cerise Circular Computer is exceptionally quiet, and the chassis blends in with modern décor like few others on the market…If you’re in the market for an editing station that’s neither boxy nor too bold, the Circular Computer is for you.

Nathan Lake, CPU Magazine, Jan 2017

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As pros, we have all felt forgotten by the other brands in favor of their more profitable consumer market and it’s refreshing to finally have the option to get something that not only looks great, but is also a high-performance, upgradable beast.

Bruce Bicknell, Photoshop User Magazine, Dec 2016

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…What makes the difference for me between a good and a great workstation is the personal attention that comes along with the purchase. This is where a company like Cerise Computers grabs my attention… If you are looking to get a little more personal when putting together a monster workstation, you need to check out Cerise Computers…

Brady Betzel, Post Magazine, January 2016

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I have owned Cerise workstations since 2011, through a couple of generations of Intel processors, and now I would never buy an imaging workstation from any other source… The personal attention that you will receive before, and especially after, the sale is what sets Cerise apart from any other computer company I’ve dealt with.

Stan Sholik, Professional Photographer, December 2015


…Editing photos in Lightroom and Photoshop was a joy using the Cerise PC.. It’s a well-built, well-equipped PC that will deliver the performance you need for editing large RAW files and working with professional imaging software.

Greg Scoblete, Photo District News, December 2015

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…Exceptionally well designed with whisper-quiet operation… Deserves a very hard look if you’re thinking about purchasing a machine that’s dedicated to your profession. The cost is reasonable for this high-quality machine, and the attention to your needs by the staff is invaluable.

Bruce Bicknell, Photshop User Magazine, December 2015


Each piece is matched to the client’s usage needs, so no one-box-fits-all mentality here. And it really shows in the quality and performance of this machine! It has to be the quietest I’ve ever heard…

Bruce Bicknell, Photoshop User Magazine, December 2012


[The Cerise 12-Core Computer] has only top of the line parts to ensure reliability, lifetime tech support, and is as fast as it gets. It is well built and out of the box it is ready for video editing.

Lance Olinger,, August 2010

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Well-chosen components; top-notch case; quiet; great performance for productivity tasks… However you configure it, Cerise’s Quad-Core Workstation should serve your professional PC needs well. In our tests it was quiet, stable, and speedy.

Matt Safford,, April 2010

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This is one well-built, smartly set-up system that has all the muscle needed for today’s graphics- and video-editing programs, and none of the bloatware found in machines sold by more mainstream vendors… The Cerise Desktop is a smart choice, whether you’re a graphics professional or just looking for a powerful, dependable, well-designed system that’s as quiet as it is quick.

Matt Safford,, March 2009

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This machine is a model of efficiency [and] a truly unique custom solution that’s built for photographers, videographers, and multimedia users… This machine handled everything I threw at it without a grunt or lag.

Bruce Bicknell, Layers Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009


If you’re looking for a hand-built machine crafted especially with a photographer’s needs in mind, the Cerise Quad-Core Workstation is nothing short of a multimedia workhorse.

PCPhoto Magazine, November 2008


Make no mistake: The next-gen Cerise business system is not your typical boring, underpowered workstation. This quad-core Clydesdale is made for graphics, music, film, architecture, and science pros who need power.

Joel Santo Domingo, PC Magazine, December 2008


We’ve seen screaming rigs (literally and figuratively) at this price point. The Cerise Quad-Core Workstation’s quiet efficiency is a refreshing change, and makes the system merit a place on any multimedia pro’s short list.

Joel Santo Domingo, PC Magazine, August 2008


Cerise Computers has built one of the most nicely designed and largest-capacity PCs we’ve tested.

Jon L. Jacobi, PC World Magazine, August 2008

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If multimedia production is your thing, this system will not disappoint.

John R. Delaney, Computer Shopper, March 2008


Cerise has chosen to tackle the mini head on, offering a solid competitor that ships with one of the fastest CPUs amongst the mini-style computers.

Chris Jackson, SmartComputing Magazine, November 2006


I could see the Mini PC in the kitchen or at a small desk. It’s more than capable of handling day-to-day tasks and ’Net surfing and it’s quiet enough for any room.

Joshua Gulick, CPU Magazine, August 2006


Small, quiet, and powerful with the Intel Core Duo, this desktop can fit in even the most space-constrained rooms.

Joel Santo Domingo, PC Magazine, July 2006

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The Cerise Serene X2 4800 is a fast computer that’s perfect for the multimedia power user, one who lives to transcode media files, or even just those with sensitive ears.

Joel Santo Domingo, PC Magazine, June 2006

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