What support can I expect with a custom computer I purchase from Cerise?

The support we provide with every computer is an integral part of buying a Cerise. We spend 1-2 hours with every customer either on the phone or through email helping the customer choose the right hardware and software configuration for their needs and budget. Once that process is complete, one technician is assigned to build and then test that computer. This process usually takes 3-5 business days. We offer a one year hardware warranty on all our computers. If a hardware part goes wrong, we replace it with a brand new part free of charge. This includes labor. If this happens within 30 days after the computer purchase, we also pay for shipping. Two and three year warranties are also available for $149 and $249 respectively. We offer free lifetime technical support for every computer we build. In other words, we’re always happy to talk to you about how your Cerise computer is doing and answer any questions you may have.

There is such a wide variety in quantity and quality of computer hardware out there. How do I know what I need?

This is a common question. Many computer users are very familiar with the software they use but are completely at a loss when it comes to choosing the right hardware. This is perhaps not surprising given the variety both in quantity and quality of computer hardware out there. We spend 1-2 hours with every customer either on the phone or through email helping them choose the right hardware that meets their software needs and budget. Even after this process is complete and we have begun building your computer, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have for the lifetime of your computer.

What are my shipping costs?

We provide free ground shipping for all our customers to anywhere in the contiguous United States and Canada. We offer 3-day 2-day and next-day shipping for $300, $400 and $500 respectively. We add $100 to any order that is shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. Orders within a 220 mile radius of Baltimore, MD where are workshops are located usually take no more than one business day.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to anywhere in the United States and Canada.

What separates Cerise from big manufacturers like Acer or HP?

Computers from the big manufactures are built on a conveyor belt. Different technicians install hardware and software as the computer travels down the line often with minimal testing and then shipped. Our computers are built by one technician who builds each computer with a tremendous amount of care and attention to detail and then rigorously tests it. This is after an in-depth discussion with every customer on the best configuration for his or her needs. It takes us around 3-5 business days to build each computer. At the end of the day we want to ensure that we have done everything possible to ensure your computer is as reliable as possible.

Where is your manufacturing location?

Our workshops are located just outside Baltimore, MD.

How quickly can I receive a computer I buy from Cerise?

Each computer takes 3-5 days to build. It takes this length of time since every computer is made up of around 20-30 components. The bulk of the build time is taken up in testing. We need to ensure that every component is reliable and that it works properly with every other component in the computer.

What is your computer build process?

We discuss with each customer what programs they use, what the size of their files are and what their budget is so that we can help them choose the best possible hardware configuration to meet their needs. This process usually takes 1-2 hours either on the phone and/or through email. Once that process is complete, one technician is assigned to building that computer. This starts off assembling and testing all of the components on an open workbench. We update the bios, install the operating system with all drivers and updates. We then test the whole configuration overnight. If all the components pass their tests, we then install the hardware in its case. We place every cable in the case so that the finished product looks like a work of art as you can see here. We then rigorously test the hardware again in the case to ensure that there are no heat issues. Testing involves testing the CPU, RAM, graphics card and hard drives simultaneously to maximum capacity to ensure that they are reliable and work well together. If these components pass this test, it means the motherboard and power supply unit are also reliable. Once this process is complete we make optimizations to the operating system, check the flash card reader and DVD/blu-ray drive and ensure all USB ports work. We then make an image of the operating system drive on DVD’s. This tells us that the DVD/blu-ray drive works properly. When this process is complete, we wipe down all the surfaces of the computer to clear it of all fingerprints and we carefully prepare the computer for shipping.

I can buy a computer with similar specs elsewhere cheaper. Why should I buy from you?

There is a wide variety of hardware out there. For example two power supply units from two different manufacturers might have similar outputs but the difference in the components that make up these power supply units will ensure that one gives out a much more stable current than the other. This will affect reliability not only of the power supply but also of every component in the computer. Every component we choose goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure that it meets our criteria for quality and reliability. In addition we back up every computer we build with a tremendous amount of pre and post- sales support. The irony of building computers is that we are very conscientious so every computer we sell, we own forever.

What do I get with my Cerise Computer?

Every computer comes with all the manuals, hardware and DVD’s that accompany the retail versions of the components in your computer. In addition, we provide you with an invoice which has a full inventory of all the components in your computer. We keep a copy of that invoice so that if your computer needs repair or an upgrade, we know exactly which part you need. We also provide you with an image of your computer’s C: drive. This is a snapshot of the operating system drive at the time it left our workshops. It enables the customer to reinstall the operating system with that image and bring the computer back to the pristine state your computer was in when it left our workshops.